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We tell the stories

that matter.

We are fundraising copywriters passionate about helping you change the world.

about us



Hi, I'm Jodi McIsaac, Inkwood's President and Lead Storyteller.


I cut my teeth in the communications world as a speechwriter for former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna when I was 19 years old. Best summer job ever.


After earning a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Global Studies (and traveling around England, Ireland and China in my spare time), I settled down and served as a fundraising executive with several non-profit organizations. Inkwood was born in 2008, in response to my love for writing and my dislike for commuting. 


Since then, I've helped dozens of local, national and international charities raise funds, inspire donors, and change the world. Best career ever. 

Let us put words in your mouth.

Direct Mail

Our bread and butter. We have more than a decade of experience writing hundreds of letters that increase response rates and make donors feel like superheroes.


Welcome to the future. Websites, emails, online ads and social media posts are a critical part of the evolving fundraising world. From tweet to SEO, we've got you covered.

Direct Response

Our words aren't limited to the page. We craft emotional and compelling scripts for DRTV spots of any length, capturing hearts and inspiring compassion.

Brand Messaging and Cases for Support

How you present yourself to the world (and to potential donors) is vital. We ensure your message is strong, accurate, compelling, and consistent across the board.



A few of the 100+ organizations we've had the pleasure of assisting.

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Rapinder Dhinsa / Account Executive / Direct Point Group

Jodi is an exceptional copywriter. She has an uncanny ability to adapt the voice of a client. What makes Jodi stand out is her collaborative nature and partnership. She brings new and fresh ideas to the table and isn't afraid to take risks. She's easily accessible, flexible and dedicated.       
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